Oracle Business Process Automation

How to optimize the company’s business processes in the cloud using drag and drop design?
How to schedule processes in the integration using structured and unstructured process modelling or declarative decision modelling?

The answer is simple: automate workflows across departments with Oracle Integration Cloud.

Business Process Automation is a powerful tool that enables the building of complex integrations from various systems. We can schedule processes in the integration using Structured and Unstructured process modelling or declarative decision modelling. The main purpose is to optimize the company’s business processes.

A common mistake of decision-makers in companies is that employees lose valuable time with processes that can be simplified and automated in a few steps in the cloud. All we need in this case is a platform that allows workflow planning, task design and management, decision model development, and easy access to integration capabilities.

Oracle Integration Cloud solutions combine the best tools in the cloud into a single intuitive interface that enables companies to create a reliable and productive work environment for the accelerated advancement of automated business processes.

As part of this solution, it offers management of the entire life cycle, from design to implementation, testing and monitoring.
This way, you can quickly turn business processes that otherwise require multiple decision-makers into simple applications that include requirements, approvals, decision paths, and roles for each task.

A practical example

Let’s look at a travel request process that is present in every single company:

1. After learning about a travel opportunity, you start the Travel Request application and submit a form.
2. The application requires several approvals before you can book the travel. First, your boss receives an email about the request. Then, to complete the task, your boss clicks the link and, when signing it, approves or rejects the travel request.
3. Your request follows a path through each task in the application until complete. Along the way, you or others may perform additional tasks. For example, you may attach supporting documents justifying the travel or you may view and accept a travel policy document.


Business Process Automation

We can easily design a process flow using intuitive graphical tools based on a visual user interface using Oracle’s superior cloud technology. In practice, this means that we can create a decision-making model of work process rules that offers you the opportunity to weigh more factors and produce better results than usual.
And it does not stop at travel approval but also includes Employee on-boarding, Order to Cash, Account Payable, Procure to Pay, to name a few.


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