Connectivity Agent

How to connect you on-premises systems with cloud without adding any new exception policies to the company’s firewalls?
How to connect closed networks with cloud without compromising your system’s security?

Two words: Connectivity Agent.

Connectivity agent is a small program written in Java, which acts as a middleman between on-premises systems and OIC.

It must be installed within a network in which we have a connection to the Internet, our Cloud environment, and the on-premises resources we want to access. Usually one of the biggest problems or security risks is opening ports for inbound traffic in a network. Connectivity agent mitigates this issue, as it queries Oracle Integration Cloud for work from within, and so every connection is outbound.

All the traffic is secured with SSL protocol, and the outbound connection uses port 443, which technical staff in your company probably knows, as is the port, which protocol HTTPS already uses.

Due to the use of this specific port, there is no need for adding any new exception policies to the company’s firewalls, and it is essentially as close to the plug-and-play solution as it can be. A connectivity agent acts as a web browser, so there is no need to worry about unwanted incoming traffic and requests. It only accepts, what it wants, and data cannot be accessed from the outside world without a request of an on-premises Connectivity agent.

We carry out this said installation, which requires not much tweaking, but some knowledge to connect. Afterwards, systems and resources can be accessed from the cloud, which can be integrated and used as any other data from the cloud or other sources.

Practical example:

We had a client who above all things cannot expose any of its databases to any outside systems. This means that it was up to now very incredibly hard for them to integrate their systems with anything. They however wished to have a mobile application for their employees.

The way we approached the solution was by installing a connectivity agent onto their database – this agent has served us for one way communication with Oracle Integration Cloud.

One way communication runs through HTTPS protocol through the firewall. This way we made sure that their databases are always unaffected. How? Well, the connectivity agent can read data from Oracle integration cloud, but the Oracle integration cloud cannot communicate with connectivity agent. On Oracle integration cloud, which is an impregnable fortress security-wise, there is a mobile application running.

Once there is a value entered in the mobile application, connectivity agent reads it and writes it down on the on-premises systems. This way the company has mobile application running for their employees without compromising their security.

Oracle Connectivity Agent


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