Krško Nuclear Power Plant and Osir-Erpis

Krško Nuclear Power Plant

The Krško nuclear power plant, which annually produces about 5.4 TWh, is the only Nuclear source for Slovenia and Croatia. As such, it supplies both countries with the lion’s share of electricity.

As part of a broader investment program aimed at extending the life of the 30-year-old nuclear power plant, the Krško Nuclear Power Plant management decided in 2009 to replace their old maintenance management system with a state-of-the-art asset management solution (Oracle ERP).
That proved to be an excellent opportunity for cooperation between the Krško Nuclear Power Plant and Osir-Erpis, which, as Oracle’s partner, supervised the entire implementation process.
To improve the public procurement process and meet the legal requirements related to public procurement, they decided to implement the full range of public procurement modules and establish an integrated flow from initial steps to negotiations with suppliers and monitoring compliance.
The strategic partnership with Osir-Erpis continues today. As part of the partnership, we regularly update their systems with the latest updates.
The implementation of the ERP Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) software with an emphasis on Enterprise Asset Management (eAM) was one of the most important projects of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant.
A more detailed analysis of the work done and good practices has been published by the International Data Corporation (IDC), which is the world’s leading provider of market information.
Thus, the Krško Nuclear Power Plant has become the most modern nuclear power plant in the region, characterized by a high level of safety and transparent procurement procedures.

“We have been using Oracle Procurement Cloud solution since April 2018. Vendors are now delivering quotations electronically, thus enabling procurement department to focus on strategic tasks rather than data entry. As a nuclear object, we are dedicated to safety and reliability. Oracle convinced us that they can deliver their Cloud services according to the highest industry standards.”

Franc Skaler, CIO, Krsko Nuclear Power Plant


Tehnološki park 24, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Folnegovićeva 6C, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia