Advanced Pricing

Azaliya Baymukhametova
ERP Solutions Consultant at OSIR-ERPIS

Pricing is a critical aspect of business operations. It is essential to have the right tool to calculate prices accurately. Oracle, a leading provider of enterprise software solutions, offers many options within the Order Management application.

For the last couple of months, I was working on the project for Order Management Implementation. The challenge was to create an item and implement price calculations based on the attributes of the item. Important to say that the price calculation was based on formulas where the value of some attributes was used, so the creation of item configuration was an ineffective solution. For this task, I and my team used Oracle Advanced Pricing. 

The project’s primary objective was to automate the process of price calculation during order creation based on the values of customer attributes. To achieve this, we utilized the Order Management application, which is a part of the Supply Chain Management suite and includes Advanced Pricing functionality. Initially, we added the necessary attributes as additional information to the order creation page header using Extensible Flexfields (EFF).

Next, we configured the Pricing setup by incorporating formulas into the Algorithms using Groovy scripts. These Groovy scripts contained mathematical formulas where the attributes were added as variables. This configuration ensured that anyone creating an order would not need to perform complex calculations. Instead, the cashier would simply select the customer, item, and customer attributes, and run the order calculation.

Overall, this setup greatly simplified the process of the price calculation, making it more efficient and less prone to errors.

Pricing is a critical aspect of business operations. It is essential to have the right tool to calculate prices accurately. Oracle, a leading provider of enterprise software solutions, offers many options within the Order Management application. One of the more intricate methods available involves setting up Price Calculation using Groovy scripts.

Let’s first, look at all price calculation methods that Oracle provides for different business needs:

  1. Simple Price List:
    This method involves setting fixed prices for products or services. It is suitable for businesses that have straightforward pricing structures and do not require complex calculations or dynamic pricing adjustments.
  2. Advanced Pricing Modifiers:
    Advanced Pricing Modifiers offer greater flexibility by allowing businesses to define rules that modify prices based on specific conditions. These conditions can include factors such as item attributes, customer attributes, quantity thresholds, or promotional events. However, using the predefined modifier rules may not always cover unique pricing scenarios.
  3. Formula Pricing:
    Formula Pricing empowers businesses to create custom formulas using a simple expression builder. This method enables more complex calculations by incorporating mathematical operations, item attributes, or external data sources. However, creating and maintaining complex formulas can be challenging and time-consuming.

Oracle users can enhance their pricing capabilities by leveraging Groovy, a scripting language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine. Here are some benefits of using Groovy for price calculations in Oracle:

– Flexibility: Groovy allows for easy customization of pricing rules and calculations. It enables businesses to create unique algorithms and business rules that suit their specific pricing needs.

– Integration: Groovy seamlessly integrates with Oracle’s pricing frameworks and APIs. It can access data from various sources, perform calculations, and interact with other systems or web services, making it easier to improve the price calculation process.

– Simplified Development: Groovy’s powerful features simplify the development process. It reduces the amount of code required for complex pricing logic, leading to faster development and easier maintenance.

– Debugging and Testing: Groovy provides robust debugging and testing capabilities, making it easier to identify and fix issues in price calculations. 

By integrating Groovy into Oracle’s price calculation setup, businesses can achieve greater flexibility, customization, and accuracy in their pricing strategies. Whether it’s dynamically adjusting prices or developing complex algorithms, Groovy enables businesses to develop customized pricing solutions that meet their specific requirements. With seamless integration, simplified development, and debugging capabilities, Groovy serves as a valuable tool for optimizing pricing accuracy and gaining a competitive edge.



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