Osir-Erpis has gained certification in Oracle Cloud Platform Sales Expertise

Oracle Cloud Platform Sales Expertise

As a multi-award winning Oracle partner, we at Osir-Erpis have been recently recognized for our Oracle Cloud Platform Sales Expertise

This recognition comes as a welcome addition to our established collection of being already recognized as sales experts for Oracle’s Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain & Manufacturing systems.

As always, we are humbled by the recognition and trust that have been bestowed upon us by our partners from Oracle and our customers as well. At Osir-Epris we firmly believe that we can achieve long-term success only through the support, education, and training of our employees.

This certification will enable us to stay true to our mission – to deliver the highest quality cloud consulting and software service to your business.

Together with the latest Oracle Support Rewards program, which lets you migrate new workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for substantial support savings, Oracle cloud migration seems more lucrative than ever before.

We invite you to get in touch with us and get more value out of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and expert support for the migration of your business to the cloud.


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