Finance and Accounting in the Cloud - Oracle Financials Cloud

Oracle Financials Cloud

At Osir-Erpis we recommend moving finance and accounting to the cloud for the fast, accurate, and transparent operation of your company.


Oracle Financials Cloud is a module of the Oracle ERP system.

It offers solutions that automate financial business processes and enable review and control of all financial data in the company.
Many companies use financial systems that slow down decision-making processes and limit employee reporting and analysis of the financial processes, thereby repressing company growth.

One of the options that can help companies ensure timely and accurate financial transactions while bringing effective optimization of decision-making processes is Oracle Financials Cloud.

Oracle Financials Cloud easily handles even the most complex financial transactions by ensuring the accuracy of your bookkeeping, simplifying reporting, and streamlining reconciliation processes.

For many Slovenian companies, there is a problem that the company’s growth can be limited by financial systems, which cannot keep up with the company’s business needs. Outdated systems often cause unnecessary problems in processing transactions and reports and accounting reconciliations. Thus, it is not uncommon for companies to delay expanding into foreign markets because their systems do not allow them to track multiple entities or currencies. Due to a large number of daily transactions, the speed of data processing also suffers so often.
Your employees are thus likely to waste a lot of time preparing timely and accurate financial reports that are tailored to each user and their place in your organization.

Oracle Financials Cloud addresses these issues and allows employees to easily access the information they need when they need it.
With its tools and complete transparency, it enables the individual to have an effective insight into the achieved results and to predict them. With the help of artificial intelligence, the financial cloud takes into account your entire payment history and other data, such as the monetary needs of suppliers. However, you can use all of the above to optimize your financial resources.

This process eliminates obsolete and non-automated procedures that often cause unwanted costs, errors, and delays.
Oracle Financials Cloud eliminates transaction errors with automated invoice processing and simplifies the entry of employee travel costs and simplifies processes, increases productivity, and improves business decisions.
Financial processes in a company should not be burdened by an inefficient ERP system that does not meet the needs of the business. Therefore, we recommend moving finance and accounting to the cloud for the fast, accurate, and transparent operation of the company.


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