Oracle Integration Cloud

Oracle Integration cloud

The companies that decide to introduce modern solutions and optimize work processes can secure an enviable competitive advantage.


For the most efficient business optimization, the ideal solution is Oracle Integration Cloud.

The goal of Oracle Integration Cloud solutions is to enable companies to coordinate processes between applications, and in combination with a simple tool for developing web and mobile applications provide great opportunities for progress and accelerating product and employee development.

Application integration

Integration establishes secure connections between your applications, both in the cloud and locally, and determines how data is shared between applications. Whether your database is in the cloud or on physical infrastructure and you would use it for your own or commercial purposes, Oracle Integration Cloud​ solutions are the best choice for securely connecting applications.
Adapters that allow the integration of databases and applications with one click eliminate the complexity that would otherwise require a lot of time. At the same time, Oracle is constantly developing new adapters, so there’s a good chance we can integrate your legacy systems into the cloud with just a few clicks.

Process Automation and Orchestration (BPM)

A common mistake of many Slovenian companies is that employees lose a lot of time with processes that can be simplified and automated in a few steps in the cloud.
All we need in this case is a platform that allows workflow planning, task design and management, decision model development, and easy access to integration capabilities.
Oracle Integration Cloud​ solutions combine the best tools in the cloud into a single intuitive interface that enables companies to create a reliable and productive work environment for the accelerated advancement of automated business processes. As part of this solution, it offers management of the entire life cycle, from design to implementation, testing and monitoring. In this way, you can quickly turn business processes that otherwise require multiple decision-makers into simple applications that include requirements, approvals, decision paths, and roles for each task.

Web and mobile application development tool

A single Oracle platform allows you to connect a variety of systems from different sources in one place. The combination of application integration and process automation in one single platform enables customers to provide faster services on the market and a better overview of the implemented processes.
The result for the end-user is a web or mobile application that you create with Oracle Visual Builder.

Oracle Visual Builder is an intuitive application development tool based on a visual user interface, which means that a mobile or web application can be created by anyone, as no additional infrastructure or programming knowledge is required.
Thus, companies that decide to introduce modern solutions and optimize work processes can secure an enviable competitive advantage.

– The article was first published in Računalniške novice, 27.2.2021.


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