Oracle Visual Builder Studio

Oracle Visual Builder

Oracle Visual Builder is an intuitive application development tool based on a visual user interface, which means that a mobile or web application can be created by anyone, as no additional infrastructure or programming knowledge is required.


Oracle Visual Builder Studio is a visual application development tool and one of the key parts of Oracle Integration Cloud.

It is a unique tool for developing web and mobile applications that allows developers to manage the software life cycle and automate the development environment. Oracle Visual Builder Studio is a development platform from the latest generation of Oracle SaaS products.

Oracle Visual Builder enables individuals and businesses to visually create stand-alone web and mobile applications while offering the ability to expand into Oracle Cloud to tailor them to their specific business needs.

In practice, this means that one can create applications even if one does not have the software knowledge that is required for such tasks.

Thus, individuals or companies do not need to configure and integrate separate development tools to control multiple versions of an application and to integrate and advance workflows.

All of the above is included in one product, which allows application developers to connect workflows with their favorite software tools simultaneously.

The result of this is often a shorter time to create web and mobile applications and update them more regularly.

Another great advantage of Oracle Visual Builder is that one does not need to install any software, as application development takes place in the cloud via the selected browser.


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