Oracle process automation and orchestration

Avtomatizacija in orkestracija procesov Oracle

With Oracle Integration Cloud, change the way you do business with a single automated process at the time.


Process automation and orchestration are key pieces of Oracle Integration Cloud, enabling individuals and businesses to simplify their business processes and automate them in the cloud.

In this way, it is possible to save valuable time, reduce costs and achieve a better economy in the company. Often, the main culprit for not achieving the desired results in the company are business processes. Too often, these are based on wrong assumptions or are not fully adapted to achieving business excellence.

With Oracle Integration Cloud, it is possible to automate all business processes and optimize them in a way that will best serve your business ambitions. To this end, Oracle Integration Cloud combines our best tools based on cloud technology into one simple, powerful, and unified interface.

Oracle software provides a well-designed development environment for rapid business process automation and offers comprehensive lifecycle management from its design to its implementation in testing and monitoring process planning.

You can quickly turn your company’s business processes into simple applications that include requirements, approvals, decision paths, and roles for each task.

Business process developers can easily design a process flow using intuitive graphical tools based on a visual user interface. In practice, this means that the individual can create a decision-making model of work process rules that offers him the opportunity to weigh more factors and produce better results than usual.

Process automation also allows you to integrate SaaS systems with local systems by integrating them, thus increasing the value of your investments. As part of this process, however, developers can test process applications in a sandbox environment and examine possible scenarios for each application.

Individual workflow developers are also allowed to own snapshots of previous versions. Thus, the new processes are completed before the older versions retire. In this way, you can completely refine the design of the process, test the environment more extensively and launch the final version with a single click.

Process owners can also set up notifications to alert them to irregularities, taking control and keeping things up to date. This allows them to quickly identify where bottlenecks are in the process, detect trends, and take appropriate action.

End users can view and manage their tasks, reschedule and direct them productively, organize their work, and collaborate with co-workers.


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