Oracle Procurement Cloud

Oracle Procurement Cloud is part of the Oracle ERP system and enables companies to simplify procedures in the procurement process.

Oracle Procurement Cloud is an integrated solution for simpler purchasing processes, automation, and better communication among employees in the supply chain.
At the same time, by using it, companies also have better control over costs and compliance of procedures with legal provisions and contractual obligations of the company.

A powerful and intuitive dashboard allows procurement employees to closely monitor key performance indicators and other metrics necessary for good management.
One of the advantages of Oracle’s cloud is the Oracle Self Service Procurement Cloud, which allows employees to search for the desired products from company-approved suppliers. Advanced search returns results from several catalogs, so employees can easily see what meets their purchase requirements.

When choosing the best product, employees compare several options before deciding to place an order. They submit their order with one click and then receive a confirmation in a short time that their request has been sent. After applying, the approval notice is automatically sent to their superior by e-mail for approval.
An easily accessible approval notice is accessible on all platforms, including mobile, and allows managers to quickly and easily review and approve requests.
Once the goods have been delivered, the employee checks this by clicking on receipt of the goods, the documents are sent to Account Payables where the system automatically matches the invoice with the purchase order and, if there is no discrepancy, the system sets it for automatic payment.
However, if exceptions occur, the product account can be reviewed in Oracle Financials Cloud.

Users can review account information and verify the transaction with an embedded image, providing superiors with the information they need for approval.

Oracle Procurement Cloud makes it easier for employees to find what they need to make purchases that are in line with the company’s vision and made with approved suppliers.


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